Real-time, Intelligent
Queue Management

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Maximize Efficiency

Send customers to underutilized service points. Receive real-time alerts when wait times are out of compliance.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Communicate estimated wait times and streamline the customer experience.

Improve Productivity

Dashboards highlight your KPIs and historical reporting allows you to better manage staffing requirements.


Turn your Beltrac® stanchion into a virtual turnstile.

The built-in sensor counts people as they enter, move through, and exit the queue.

Qtrac iQ Measures:

  • Queue Length
  • Wait Time
  • Customer Count
  • Arrival Rate
  • Service Rate
  • Open Service Points
  • Empty Queues


Assess customer flow in real time.

Data collected by the sensors is transformed by powerful Qmetrix algorithms to deliver a real-time view into your queues.

Map activity in the queue and service areas.
Predict backups before lines get too long.
Gauge overall speed of service.
Count people as they enter or exit.


Dashboards and reports turn guessing into planning.

Powerful, customized reports and dashboards provide simple to understand, actionable data and forecasts for optimizing service allocation and customer flow.

Published wait times create more satisfied customers.

Publishing expected wait times in the queuing area or on your website keeps customers’ expectations in check and helps balance service loads by allowing customers to choose among service areas.

Real-time alerts give you back control over your queues.

Actionable, real-time alerts allow managers to better control queues, heading off problems before they escalate. Text-based or email alerts can be customized for any KPI.

From Airport Improvement Magazine, March/April 2014:

“The Qmetrix queue management system is incredibly accurate." BOB BLANKENSHIP, ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT OF PLANNING

The heart of the Qtrac iQ system

The Beltrac® intelligent post powered by Qmetrix

Rechargeable Battery Pack

The Li-Ion rechargeable batteries keep the post powered for 6 months or longer with built-in monitoring and low-power alert. They fully recharge in just 9 hours and have a performance warranty of 4 years.

Dual Infrared Sensors

The sensor uses dual infrared-based beam break technology without the need for a reflector on the opposite side. People are sensed and counted directionally with over 95% accuracy.

Positioning Plate

The stainless steel floor plate is simple and easy to install — no bolts or core drilling — and its Twist-lock system guarantees proper positioning of the post each and every time.


Beltrac® Pedigree

The standard in public guidance and queue management with industry-leading features such as one-piece extrusion, embedded mechanism, slow-retracting belt, and universal belt-end.

Zigbee® Wireless Technology

Our ultra-low power wireless data network uses the industrial strength IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee®-based radio protocol to securely transmit queue data, sensor health, and configuration information.

Magnetic Mounting Technology

Eighteen strong, Neodymium Grade N35 magnets hold the post firmly in place, yet allow it to be removed whenever needed. Low profile base measures only .75" in diameter and less than .5" thick.

Additional System Components

COR Bridge Antenna

Data from up to 9 Beltrac® intelligent posts is wirelessly collected and then transmitted to the COR PC. Features a range of up to 165 feet and PoE functionality — perfect for the most challenging environments.


The COR PC collects sensor data from the COR Bridge Antennas then transmits it to the Qtrac iQ SaaS server to be analyzed and processed. Data is also stored for backup or as a failsafe upon a network outage.

Qtrac Media Player

Strategically placed iQ monitors and media players display projected wait times to customers. Using data streaming from the Qtrac iQ SaaS servers, queue displays help balance and optimize service points.

How it Works


  Qtrac iQ
Powered by Qmetrix
Bluetooth/WiFi Camera
Installation Complexity Easy Easy Complex
System Configuration Plug & Play Minimal Complex
Large Coverage Area Yes Yes Requires complex stitching
Architectural Concerns None None Requires ceiling mount or minimal angle of view
Maintains Privacy Yes, completely anonymous. No individual tracking. No — Individual tracking No — Individual tracking
Real-time Data Yes Uses sample population Yes
Accuracy 95% + Only with large population 95% +
TCO Low Low High


  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Amusement Parks

Monitor passenger flow and KPIs with real-time information.

  • Passenger arrival rates
  • Number of passengers waiting in each queue
  • Average waiting times of passengers in each queue
  • Number of passengers serviced and their average service times
  • Expected (predicted) wait times in each queue

Manage operations with real-time information.

  • Count the number of guests in each queue
  • Measure average waiting times
  • Monitor guest arrival rates
  • Manage service rates
  • Receive real-time alerts to head off problems before they escalate


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